5 Great Reasons It’s Time To Go Solar

Solar over the last 10 years seems to have been the quiet party guest in the corner. Everyone knows who they are, but don’t know much about them. 

But in recent years, more and more have been getting on board with Solar energy, and here are some of the best reasons why you might want to get interested.

#1  Traditional Energy is Getting More Expensive

Let’s face it. When was the last time you saw an electric bill go down? As the world gets smaller, it ironically gets hungrier as more people are added to the grid and demand increases. 

Tech isn’t going anywhere either. Which means power demand won’t as homes are filled with the latest devices and aides for the human experience. 

The sun, on the other hand, has no master and gives its tax free rays to all. 

Utilizing this with solar panels, you are left only with the fixed cost of installation and whatever electricity(if any)you use with your electric company. Depending on how large the system is, they could owe you electricity!

#2  Solar Has Many Incentives Available

So it seems even the federal government wants you to get solar panels to support the growing need of electricity. So much so that they are prepared to provide up to a 30% tax credit to file on your next year’s taxes. 

For example, if you installed a $20,000 system at a 30% tax credit, $6,000 goes right back into your pocket as a thank-you from Uncle Sam. Who doesn’t like free money?

#3  Clean Renewable Energy

Depending on how often you watched Captain Planet in your youth, chances are you at least care a little about the planet we live on that’s pumping out free oxygen. 

Solar provides a substantially cleaner and steadier supply of energy that doesn’t put smog in the air, or rely on the whims of flowing water for hydro dams. 

In other words, you win and so does Earth. Plus, you can show-off to your friends how eco-conscious you are.

#4  Solar is the Most Accessible it’s Ever Been

    iPhones weren’t the only thing getting upgraded in the last decade. Thanks to multiple advances in the field, solar panels have become easier to manufacture, install, and maintain. 

For instance, did you know some residential panels are designed to withstand hurricane winds without batting an eye? Or that they can absorb sunlight through a cloudline or snow flurry(snow can actually amp the panels to produce more)?

It’s easy to see why more and more are getting on board.

#5  Peace of Mind With Blackouts

    Nobody likes losing power and sitting on hold with the electric company to find out when it’ll be back on so you can watch the game of the year. And solar has advanced to a point where you can have a dedicated solar battery installed that will flip on if the grid is shut down. 

    Everything runs as normal until that broken power line is fixed, and you retain the joys of watching your favorite team lose the playoffs.

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And if these reasons weren’t enough to convince you, we’d love to go over the rest of the reasons with you through a quick 15 minute consultation. Solar is the future, and we want you at the front of the line!

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